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YAMHA Erasmus+
“LGBTIQ Youth affirmative mental health approaches” is a Key Action 2 project which aiming at strengthening capacities of partner organisations (Slovakia, Netherlands, Ireland, Greece and Croatia) in the field, creating network of EU community of practises, upskilling youth workers and mental health professionals from the field and exchanging good practises through the development of innovative project results based on the concept of affirmative or inclusive mental health as a tool for working with LGBTIQ youth mental health in Europe.

Namely, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and other self-identified queer (LGBTQ) youth have higher rates of mental health issues than people in the general population. This could be due to neglect, lack of support, discrimination, trauma, abuse, etc that could potentially lead to poor mental health, suicide, substance abuse, anti-social behaviour, at risk sexual encounters, depression, stress, anxiety etc.

EU support network
To tackle some of these issues and to create a support network, community of practises and peer support networks this project would like to explore affirmative mental health approaches in working with LGBTIQ youth mental health that could potentially lead to regaining strength, power, self-esteem, and self-acceptance within this cohort. YAMHA project would like to explore what is out there within the EU context, how different EU organisations could collaborate, grow together, learn from each other and of course to create resources that capture all these practises at one place.

Alongside building an international community of practises and sharing knowledge it would be of advantage to capture case studies of the work that partners, and other local LGBTIQ organisations have been implementing so far. Therefore, project resources or intellectual outputs developed will be presented as a Guidebook and series of educational/tool presenting animated videos that would be disseminated across EU and available for use for the organisations interested in LGBTIQ youth affirmative mental health.

LTTA Training outlines
To help people working with LGBTIQ youth and provide them with valuable resources to increase their reach within the community the LTTA Training Outlines have been developed as an addition to previously issued Guidebook.

Queer Youth Work: Resource on LGBTIQ+ Youth Affirmative Mental Health Approachesdownload.

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